Dr. Oetker
Dr. Oetker

In 1891 chemist, Dr. August Oetker, developed home use baking powder at his pharmacy in Bielefeld, Germany. He was able to guarantee perfect baking results every time. With this outstanding innovation, Dr. August Oetker laid the foundation for a major business enterprise and for the brand "Dr. Oetker" the most recognized baking brand in Germany.

Dr. Oetker is a family-owned enterprise, headed by fourth generation Dr. August Oetker. The Dr. Oetker products are distributed internationally and include baking powders, baking mixes, baking aids, dessert mixes, cereals, conserves, frozen pizza, snacks, yogurts and chilled desserts.

Product categories:

Baking Aids
Cakes & Glazes
Puddings & Mousses