Hengstenberg Company Profile

The Hengstenberg brand was founded by Richard A Hengstenberg in Esslingen, Germany in 1876, and after 130 years, the company is still committed to the high standards set by its founder: "It tastes as good as home-made."

The range of classic products includes:

  • MILDESSA sauerkraut with wine
  • KNAX crunchy gherkins
  • Red cabbage
  • Fine vinegars
  • Gherkins and other fine sour food specialties
  • A variety of aromatic mustards
  • Tomato products under the umbrella brand ORO DI PARMA
  • Range of organic foods

Hengstenberg only uses raw materials and ingredients harvested from natural environments, low in pollutants. Hengstenberg oversees the careful processing of all ingredients, and monitors the exceptional quality of all products.

Product categories:

Mustards & Condiments
Salads & Pickles
Sauerkraut & Cabbage